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Today’s business environment requires a strategic and consistent marketing process to drive your company’s message to customers and prospects. There is no “silver bullet”.  Converting every customer touch point into a marketing opportunity must be a priority.

Business Development

Business growth comes from customer retention, growth and acquisition. Each of these may be impacted through new product development, sales channels, strategic partnerships and vertical markets creating an effective ROI.

What's your business strategy?

Emerging Technologies

ESN brings new print and information delivery technologies to the forefront. We connect our clients with solutions that have a positive impact on their growth and business operations. We don’t think outside the box, we help you build a new one.


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Roger is a graphic arts renaissance man. I would recommend him and his knowledge and his connections most highly. He’s a good guy; and a great guy to know in the global graphic arts.
— Kevin Keane, Attorney at Law

Sackel Featured

Featuring the Sackel Corporation 3D NanoGraphic Printers for wide format production.
The Sackel Corporation® Printers were engineered with their NanoGraphic Ink® technology allowing for high color, 3D printing on a variety of substrates.

For more information on this exciting printing technology contact us at 3D@ThinkESN.com


MErger & Acquisition Advisory Services

The printing industry continues to morph as old technologies give way to new methods of providing printed solutions. Print providers are finding growth more challenging, yet are still committed to increasing sales. Others are finding this a good time to begin an exit strategy to sell their business.

Services include: 

Business valuations

Assisting clients in effectively selling or buying businesses

Assisting clients in developing an acquisition strategy

Targeting and identifying potential strategic acquisitions

Securing capital through private equity investment firms

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“If your company’s growth is being slowed by lack of effective marketing, changing sales channels, vertical market decline or lack of new products and technologies, you’re normal.  My goal is to understand your challenges and goals, then work with you to determine a strategic path.   Once that is completed, and only then, can we look at solutions to create a positive impact." ― Roger Buck, ESN, LLC


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